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Game: Mario Kart Tour

Platform: Android, iOS, Mobile

Publisher: Nintendo

Release Date: 25/09/2019

Today marks the launch of the hotly anticipated Mario Kart Tour available across Android and iOS devices.

Mario Kart Tour will take you across the globe enabling you to show off your racing skills in tours held every two weeks. Lots of Mario Kart Tour’s tracks are based on real-world locations, the game will kick off proceedings with a tour at New York City (which runs until October 9).

Besides the “real-world” courses, Mario Kart Tour features a number of classic tracks including Rainbow Road (original Mario Kart) and Dino Dino Jungle (Double Dash) amongst others.

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Mario Kart Tour features a decent tally of 30 characters. You’ll earn an amount of “Grand Stars” after a race depending on how well you performed which can be used to unlock new cups and Tour Gifts.

The controls are kept very simple, players simply swipe left and right to steer and up and down to use items – only one hand is needed, clearly, accessibility is key for Nintendo.

To get in on the Mario Kart Tour action you’ll need to set up a Nintendo account. Mario Kart Tour is free to play and features microtransactions.

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