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News Major new additions in latest build of Project CARS


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Game: Project CARS

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Bandai Namco

Release Date: 06/05/2015

The latest build of Project CARS has just gone live, and it brings with it a handful of major new features to the currently pre-alpha title.

Two of the more instantly apparent additions are the pair of all-new cars to Project CARS: the Mitsibishi Lancer Evolution X FQ400 and the Ford Mustang Boss 302R1, which will be familiar to our readers who follow the Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge racing series.

Being the most basic initial versions of the cars, neither the Evo or the Mustang are 100% complete: the Mitsubishi doesn't come with any programming that simulates the electronic management systems that are present on the road car, and the Ford doesn't even come with a proper cockpit view at time of writing.

However, we're assured that Slightly Mad Studios will recreate the Lancer Evo's electronic gubbins if it can accurately recreate them in-game, and the Boss 302R1 will eventually come with a more detailed interior view.

The new build also introduces a new application programming interface (API) to Project CARS, which allows members to use some of their sim rig hardware when running the pre-alpha title, such as shift lights and motion rigs in a similar vein to the D-Box setup we experienced last year at the EuroGamer Expo during our Grid 2 Hands-On report.

The API compatibility also branches out to PC and mobile apps, which can cover anything from live-timing sheets during races and telemetry data. What's more, it's possible for registered members who are handy with software development to engineer their own in-game apps for Project CARS.

To help out the prospective app developers, Slightly Mad Studios has released the necessary files and a sample 'project' to use and experiment with, which can be found on the WMD Portal forums.

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