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Considering Mad Max Fury Road was essentially one long car chase rife with vehicular mayhem, crazy cars and equally zany characters, its premise seems like a natural fit for a video game adaptation. And so it only seems right that the upcoming Mad Max game due out next month is being developed by Avalanche Studios, the developer responsible for the Just Cause franchise which excels at open world wanton destruction.   

Indeed, like Just Cause Mad Max is set in a vast open world but places emphasis on car combat and hand-to-hand combat. It's not, however, a direct tie-in for Mad Max: Fury Road as was originally intended: it will instead be an entirely original story, but, as the newly released trailer shows, it still takes its cues from Fury Road, with references to the ballistic War Boys, Gas Town, and allusions to lost loved love ones, along with the series' trademark visceral violence, colourful characters and large scale canyon car chases.

As with Fury Road, the titular Ford Falcon Interceptor is criminally underused: in a similar setup to the film, Max's Interceptor is confiscated by bandits. There are some key differences though, as the plot revolves around Max trying to retrieve his ride, scavanging parts to build a custom car called the Magnum Opus which you'll be driving throughout the game. I also don't remember Max having facial hair.

It's also a relief to see they've replaced the American actor who voiced Max in the initial announcement trailer with an authentic Aussie. It was reminiscent of the controversial US release of Mad Max, which was notorious for having the Australian accents dubbed with American actors because they were apparently incomprehensible to US audiences. Unsurprisingly, the change which wasn't received well by fans of the original. 

Mad Max Fury Road has been a gargantuan success as one of the highest grossing films of the year, which will undoubtedly spike interest for the game and put pressure on the developers to deliver. From what we've seen so far, the Mad Max game looks to have captured the insanity of the film with its mood and mayhem , so we look forward to seeing how it fares when it tears its tyre treads on PS4, Xbox One and PC September 1st.

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