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News Mad Max Story trailer will whet your appetite for destruction


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George Miller's Mad Max: Fury Road exceeded all expectations when it was released to universal acclaim this month. Indeed, it's hard to fault: the direction was slick, the pacing was perfect and the relentless action was exhilerating. The stuntwork was awe-inspiring, while the reliance on practical effects gave the film a gritty old-school feel that's been lacking in modern films overrun with special effects.

Some have criticsed its shallow storyline, and I personally found the constant carnage became samey towards the end. Then again, its brutal pace suited the film perfectly. Afterall, Mad Max's apocalyptic wasteland is about one thing: survival of the fittest.  Essentially, Mad Max Fury Road was The Raid with cars.  

All of this appears to have been retained in the upcoming video game adaptation. Riding on Fury Road's success, developer Avalanche (the same people who brought you Just Cause which is also due a sequel this year) have released what they laughably call a "story trailer," which wastes no time in pummeling you with explosive car combat while introducing us to some of the colourful characters you'll encounter in the post apocalyptic wasteland.

The end of the world will be upon us on September 1st when Mad Max rampages onto PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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