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News Lococycle landing on Xbox 360 and PC Valentines Day


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Twisted Pixel's bizarre bike game Lococycle, in which you control a karate-kicking sentient bike named I.R.I.S. while her Spanish-speaking engineer Pablo literally gets dragged along for the ride hanging on for dear life, is finally being released onto Xbox 360 February 14th after it first launched on Xbox One in November, despite original plans to release it as a 360 exclusive. It will also be released for PC on Steam the same day.

Admittedly, I was compelled by Lococycle's crazy concept when I first heard about it, but its shallow gameplay, short running time and steep price point ultimately led to mediocre review scores upon release.

In hindsight, releasing it on Xbox One first probably didn't do it any favors. Being a budget XBLA title it's not exactly a tasty looker, so it probably wasn't the best downloadable title to showcase the capabilities of the Xbox One. Releasing it as a next-gen launch title also meant it cost a small fortune – at $19.99, it wasn't exactly good value for short-lasting XBLA game, which certainly would have risen people's expectations. Mercifully, the Xbox One version will be reduced to half price at $9.99 – the same price as the Xbox 360 and Steam versions, which makes it a far more enticing buy. 


Apart from the above recording from Gamescom, we unfortunately didn't get a chance to sample Lococycle on Xbox One to see if we conceded with its negative reviews, so we'll have to see if we can finally assess it on either Xbox 360 or Steam.

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