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With heavy hitters such as Forza Motorsport 5 and DriveClub dominating our coverage as of late, it's easy to miss some of the genre's under-looked games. One of those happens to be the psychotic bike beat 'em up LocoCycle, Twisted Pixel Games' latest creation featuring a three-wheeled female robotic machine gun-wielding motorcycle with a hapless Spanish speaking buffoon called Pablo (after all, what other Spanish stereotype would have sufficed?) being dragged along for the ride. Cue lots of shooting at black enemy cars and beating bad guys with the bike's special karate kicking moves. We're not making this up. 

Indeed, LocoCycle is certainly shaping up to be a quirky take on the biking genre, looking like a cross between Torque, Road Rash and Spy Hunter. Taken from the Xbox One version, which will be available at launch as a downloadable digital title, we managed to capture some off-screen footage from the bizarre title at Gamescom:


Many seem to have already written LocoCycle off, and while it's not the most technically accomplished title to grace the Xbox One, bare in mind it was originally intended for release on Xbox 360 as an easy to digest XBLA download (the Xbox 360 version is said to be released some time after the Xbox One game), which makes its bland visuals and simple concept more forgivable.

With this in mind, LocoCycle looks to be a gloriously OTT bag of fun loaded with Twisted Pixel's unmistakable charm that's well-suited for the downloadable market – a place where the mediocre Spy Hunter remake on Vita arguably would have thrived. 

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