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News Legendary Ford GT40 lands in Project CARS


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Game: Project CARS

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Bandai Namco

Release Date: 06/05/2015

We reported all the way back in June that the team at Slightly Mad Studios had acquired the Ford licence, but die-hard fans of the Blue Oval might have been a tad upset that none of the GT40 variants were referenced in the announcement,

Now, though, that isn't the case: as part of Build 374, the GT40 Mk IV from 1967 has been added to the beta's gradually increasing car roster.

Being the car that won the '67 Sebring and Le Mans endurance races, we can imagine the 7.0 V8 monster will be a popular addition to Project CARS (even though the lack of any advanced textures means the Ford won't be the standard bearer for Project CARS's graphics engine…).

Of course, Build 374 doesn't just feature the Ford GT40. For a full list of all the details and extra features, scroll down to see what's been changed and added:

Build 374

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* Heusden: Added assets, garage interiors, updated pitlane collisions, added emissive maps for pitlane buildings

* Belgian Forest Circuit: Added wetroad effects

* Bathurst: Additional texturemaps

* Moravia: Added new version grandstands, gas station, reworked back side of garages

* Monterey: Added wet road effects


* Ford GT40 MkIV: Small aero tweak

* Ford GT40 MkIV: Adding GT40 AI audio

* Racers: Revised physics using as much real world data as possible
* Palmer Jag: Fixed ride height detection points

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