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News Latest v1.40 update and Hockenheimring DLC available for Automobilista


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Game: Automobilista Motorsports Simulator

Platform: PC

Publisher: Reiza Studios

Release Date: 24/08/2015

Reiza Studios has recently released a huge update for Automobilista which sees many new changes and fixes along with making available the new Hockenheimring DLC (available for £4.79 on Steam and included in the Season Pass).

The Hockenheimring DLC comes complete with the 1977, 1988, 2001 and 2016 layouts "along with extra modern layouts" according to the developer. It's also worth noting, that a rallycross layout of the famous German track is also currently in the works and will be added to the DLC pack "shortly".

The v1.40 update includes the newly added Custom Season Tool, new 2017 GP layouts to Interlagos, Montreal, Kansai and Spielberg, along with a plethora of of audio, AI and physics improvements and finally the usual array of bug fixes.

Trailer and changelog below.


Added F-Ultimate series



Downscaled series icons in main menu series selection by 20% & changed layout from 3 x 7 to 3 x 8; 

Various minor UI fixes & adjustments

Updated all helmet shaders to be same as the one used for car paint

Added new driver model & new customized suits & gloves to all vehicles

Fixed bug with radio spotter announcing final lap one lap ahead of time in timed races

Added function to discard next lap in Time Trial mode if track limits are abused in the preceding lap

Globally increased lowest LOD from 500 meters to 600m

All audio files resampled to 44.1kHz (decreasing files size / cpu / memory usage) 

polished loops and pops in several audio files

Added cockpit muffling for closed cockpit cars

Enhanced replay of surface sounds (roadnoise, dirt, curbs)

Minor adjustments to audio samples on Ultima Race, F-V12, F-Trainer


Added function for AI to partially lift off the throttle when receiving a blue flag – their cooperation is now a function of "Courtesy" value in driver RCD files, and thus will vary from driver to driver and from series to series; they will generally be equally cooperative in practice / quali, in races they will be more cooperative in high profile series compared to smaller / historical ones

Added function for AI to slightly lift during in and out laps in practice / quali

Added function to prevent AI from lurching to the side on starts & generally improved their composure through the first corner

Revised AI tire wear functions & added custom pit thresholds for every tire compound in every car to minimise issues with AI needlessly stopping for tires

Customized AI throttle functions at race start to a realistic behavior for each series

Added new TireManagement & AIStartSkill to driver RCD files – the lower the first value, the more the AI will wear its tires; the lower the 2nd value the more chance AI driver will bog down at the start 

Doubled max AI to AI collision rate from 40 to 80 (needs setting from PLR file)

Added a randomization function to Opponent filter gizmo when running a multiclass event with a specific class count (where before it would just load the same cars for each class in team order)

Upscaled AI aggression ranges (max setting is now double what it was before, with lower settings adjusted to suit)

Generally increased AI reaction to front tire slip

Adjusted AI fuel strategy so they don´t pit on the very first lap it gets on low fuel range

Adjusted AI spring / damper multipliers on stiffer cars to further reduce AI jittering over sawtooth curbs


Revised fuel consumption & estimates for several cars

Adjusted default setups for low downforce configs in Formula cars

Added speed limiter to MCR2000, Ultima GTR Race


Roughened up flat curbs at Taruma, Londrina

Oulton: Adjusted AI line through chicane so AI don´t clip high curb

StockV8: Corrected max opponents; Corrected & added missing talent files: fixed LCD laptime info

F-V12: Adjusted ride height ranges, increased rake in default setup

Boxer Cup: Updated rear brake light; Updated cockpit materials & textures; added configuration option to install / remove rear view camera display

F-Vee: Adjusted AI performance

F-Vintage: Adjusted longitudinal CoF for front tires; tweaked AI performance

F-V10: Adjusted TC sound

SuperV8: Fixed pit timings to realistic values

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