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News Latest v1.0.3 Redout patch released


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Indie developer 34BigThings have release their latest patch for Redout.

The version 1.0.3 patch unlocks the Prototype race crafts for everyone to use online, powerups have been balanced, the cockpit camera can be used both with and without VR among other updates and the usual plethora of bug fixes.

Amusingly, 34BigThings have released an edited version of a popular internet video to celebrate the release of the update which you can view in all its glory below.

Redout is a futuristic racer which takes cues from the usual suspects of F-Zero and Wipeout but has its own unique art style and event types including one where you teleport from area to area which we thought was novel.

The racer released on PC last month as is currently scheduled to race onto the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles next year which we are very much looking forward to seeing.

The full patch notes for Redout's v1.0.3 update can be seen below.


– Equalized Powerups and powerups upgrades between player and AI 

– EMP Sphere radius enhanced, slowing-down effect amplified for players that are hit, boost reduced 

– Augmented Propeller slightly nerfed 

– Overloaded Energy Turbine also increases turbo boost power 

– Added visibility on ship upgrades and powerup levels in the multiplayer lobby and other lists 


– Health bar now blinks on all HUDs during health regeneration 

– More fixes and optimizations for portals 


– VR optimisation work 

– Game now saves ship colors, *silly game with no memory* 

– Fixed achievements related to unlocking powerups and ship upgrades 

– Minor localisation fixes 

– Fixed bug for which VSync option would get ignored/reset every time the game would start 

– Adjusted wrong track widget for Ghibli & Sirocco, and fixed swapped track description for Explorer and Speedway 

– Fixed a bug for which the ship would respawn in a very awkward position in Volcano 

– Fixes various crashes 

– FOV doesn't explode anymore while turbo boosting 


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