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News Latest Racecraft update adds paint options and graphical improvements


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Game: Racecraft

Platform: PC

Publisher: Vae Victis

Release Date: 04/03/2016

The latest 0.4.1 update for Vae Victis' procedural track racer Racecraft has been released adding a slew of new features and improvements.

Chief new feature is the ability to paint your car: the new Car Paint Mode allows you to choose a template, paint your car, find some sponsors and compete in hot laps on Racecraft's procedurally generated tracks with your custom formula car.

Racecraft paint options animated gif

Vae Victis has said that custom liveries don't support modding yet, but they are working on implementing it in a future update so that modders will be able to create their own liveries outside of Racecraft and apply them to their cars.

Racecraft's visuals have also received an update, with new dynamic reflections and improved shadow quality adding further polish to the game which looked a bit rudimentary on release. 

Racecraft reflections update

Here’s the changelog for the Racecraft 0.4.1 update:

  • Features: Car Paint Mode
  • Graphics: dynamic reflections added
  • Graphics: shadows quality improved
  • Graphics: shadows performance impact reduction
  • General: minor bugfixes and general polishing

To coincide with next week's E3 event, Racecraft will be available on Steam with a 25% discount for a week starting on Monday June 13th. 

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