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News Latest Racecraft update adds a host of graphical improvements


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Game: Racecraft

Platform: PC

Publisher: Vae Victis

Release Date: 04/03/2016

With the recent release of No Man's Sky dividing the gaming community (I'm still on the fence at the moment – the sense of scale and discovery exploring the galaxy is very absorbing, but the repetitive gameplay is also a bit of a grind), procedural technology in games is a topical trend at the moment.
Racecraft 0.4.6 update visual improvements

Indie developer Vae Victis (the Italian studio that brought you Victory: The Age of Racing) has unleashed a new update for Racecraft which focuses mainly on graphical and performance improvements.

In terms of graphical improvements Vae Victis claim this is their biggest update yet: previously empty stadiums are now stacked with crowds, pretty particle effects have been added and the team have also implemented a new and improved antialiasing technique. Furthermore, dynamic reflections won't have as much impact on performance, or they can now be disabled entirely. 

Here's the full changelog for the Racecraft 0.4.6 update:

  • Graphics: Added crowd on stands 
  • Graphics: Added particles 
  • Graphics: Added new antialiasing technique 
  • Graphics: New presets (ultra) for some graphics options 
  • Graphics: Added color grading post processing effect 
  • Performances: Reduced performance impact of dynamic reflections 
  • Graphics: Chance to disable dynamic reflections 
  • Graphics: Eye adaptation and tone mapping post processing effects revamped 
  • Graphics: Improved render quality for transparent objects (fences, trees, etc) 
  • Graphics: Atmospheric scattering 
  • Performances: UI rendered on a separate thread 
  • Performances: CPU load heavily reduced 
  • Performances: Minor GPU optmizations 
  • Gameplay: Car setup preserved between races 
  • General: Bugfix and general polishing

The developers will be showing off Racecraft at Gamescom this week, so be sure to stop by if you're attending the show. No doubt Alan will be on hand to get an updated hands-on. In fact, it's been a year since our last look at Racecraft at last year's Gamescom – you can find out our initial impressions in our first look gameplay video below.

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