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News Latest OVERPASS video highlights the various obstacles you’ll face


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Platform: PC, PS4, Switch, XBox One

Publisher: Bigben Interactive

Release Date: 27/02/2020

Nacon has released its very latest gameplay video for the off-road simulation title OVERPASS which highlights some of the various obstacles you’ll encounter both natural and man-made.

OVERPASS stands out from other driving/racing titles thanks to its impressive off-road environments which pit the player up against nature with its extreme courses featuring hazardous terrain. You’ll pilot one of 24 buggies and quads from brands such as Yamaha, Suzuki and Arctic Cat as you tackle steep and slippery surfaces.

Obstacles come in all different shapes and sizes ranging from an innocent-looking fallen log to an intimidating steep slope packed with rocks jutting out from every conceivable angle. OVERPASS is all about speed – that is matching the correct speed for any given obstacle. This means you’ll need to carefully navigate some obstacles if you want a fast time rather go full throttle and incur vehicle damage or a dreaded time penalty.

To overcome steep sections you’ll need to utilise your differential which helps to keep all four wheels turning which is essential to maintain grip. Engaging the differential, however, will lessen the vehicle’s turning circle so you need to remember to disengage it once you are finished climbing a particularly steep slope.

Take a look at the very latest OVERPASS video below to get some interesting tidbits that should help you get ahead when the title launches across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (via Epic Games Store) on February 27. The title will also release on Switch at a later date.


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