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News Latest Mantis Burn Racing DLC adds destruction-based racing


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Game: Mantis Burn Racing

Platform: PC, PS4, Switch, XBox One

Publisher: VooFoo Studios

Release Date: 05/07/2016

Hot off the heels of the recent large update, VooFoo Studios’ post-release support for Mantis Burn Racing continues with the release of their very latest DLC offering, “Battle Cars”, available now.

Battle Cars, as the name suggests, introduces weapons for the first time, turning the relatively civilised art of racing in to a highly-charged destruction fest. Rapid-fire machine guns and mines can be utilised across the three new battle modes of “King of the Track”, “Survival” and “Accumulator Rumble”.

The action extends to multiplayer too with 4 player local split-screen battles and frantic eight player strong battles possible online. That’s not all either, the new DLC pack adds a stand-alone Battle Career which sees the introduction of 26 additional events, not to mention six bonus achievements.

BATTLE CARS delivers what our fans want and love. More action, more drama and more fun ways to play the game” said Mark Williams, VooFoo Studio’s Technology Director. “Since we launched the game this has been one of our most passionately requested features, so we’re delighted to today deliver an action-packed DLC pack which adds even more levels of excitement to the game.”

To celebrate the new release, VooFoo Studios are running a Double XP Weekend from Friday, September 15 to Sunday, September 17. The Battle Cars DLC pack is available right now for only £1.99.

You can take a look at Mantis Burn Racing’s previously released DLC in the video below.

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