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The BeamNG development team have released version 0.5.4 of bringing with it the Ibishu Miramar car and Utah environment.

The Ibishu Miramar is a Japanese car from the 60's, the introductory model features a 1.6 litre engine that produces 82 bhp, the car is available either as a 4-speed manual transmission or as a 2-speed automatic. You can see the Miramar in action in the video below.

As mentioned previously, this latest update also sees the introduction of the Utah environment which features some truly stunning scenery and geological features. You can tackle the Utah environment both on and off road as you soak up the beautiful vistas which looks like driving heaven to me. Take a look at Utah below.

You can check out the full list of changes in version 0.5.4 of below.

Support TeamVVV on Patreon: version 0.5.4 changelog


Added new map: Utah

Added reversed depth buffer to solve clipping/flickering issues on levels

CPU render optimizations, frame rate stability significantly improved 


Added getAirDensity and getAirDensityAtSeaLevel functions to vehicle LUA

Increased stability of clutch at high torque situations (most visible at low gears)

Fixed denormal constants in vehicle LUA


Added ‘Camo’ skin for D- and H-Series

Added white steel wheels to T-Series

Added new turbocharger options for T-Series, ranging from 300 to 400 horsepower

Added bug shield and front lip to D-Series

Added new custom off-road wheels

Added tow hitch to all cars

200BX: Fixed beams deforming too much when trying to set alignment. Improved setup of 200BX drift (should hold drift angle more easily)

Burnside: New leaf spring design. Increased body and frame stiffness

D-Series/H-Series/Roamer: New leaf spring design front and rear. Improved rigidity of van rear door opening. Reduced D15 frame stiffness for more accurate twist. Made spindles non removable. Fixed HD fuel tank not igniting. Improved stiffness of cargo box and flatbed

Sunburst: Made rally lights functional/breakable

T-Series: Separated wheels/tires. New leaf spring design. Fixed large breakGroups/deformGroups causing lag in crashes. Improved stiffness of visor and air horns on the cab

Fixed some self-collision instability on some cars

Changed bump stop damping to work on compression only (on some cars, WIP)

Fixed some broken tire pressure variables (tuning menu was not affecting the tire)

Fixed some tires still having mesh breaking disabled. Was causing mesh stretching

Removed “propulsed” arguments from vehicle jbeams. Was causing problems when wheels or differentials were removed

General Bugfixes

Reduced zbias on decals and roads

Reduced memory usage on level load

Fixed the game not downloading a mod via the scheme URL when not started first

Fixed broken meshes when using recovery mode

Game Engine extensions now use subfolders

Logging on vehicle loading is only enabled if Advanced mode is switched on

Fixed broken Ground models: Attributes had typos. Added error checking for that to prevent similar problems in the future

Improved support for really long log messages.

Fixed null audio provider selected by default

Terrains / Scenarios

Updated Jungle Rock Island to use soft vegetation like Utah

Fixed bridge on Jungle Rock Island destroying tires

Fixed water visuals on some levels with lowest render quality settings


Revamped Force Feedback UI app, showing all information related to rate control and force limiters

Added support for force feedback linear response correction curves, with force deadzone detection (see Controls > Force Feedback menu)

Fixed camera drift when using certain controllers

Fixed gamepad menu navigation not working correctly in Controls menu

User Interface

Updated game credits

Fixed highlighting in Partconfig

More options

Added option for ‘competitive scenario conditions’: will allow to change vehicles etc during scenarios


Fixed nodegrabber not working if CEF development console was open (‘-cefdev’ parameter)

Added notice when user has reached beginning of recovery path

JBeam / Lua

Oil thermostat is analog now

Torque curve app displays flywheel values now instead of raw jbeam inputs, fixed various bugs with the app

Improved beam debug visibility and added deformgroup mode

Added oil starvation logic: when a car is upside down, the engine is going to be starved of oil eventually

Modding changelog

Deprecated textures with size non-power of 2 or smaller than 16 pixels.

more changes over at JBeam_changelog

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