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News Latest Automobilista Motorsports Simulator build adds kart track


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Game: Automobilista Motorsports Simulator

Platform: PC

Publisher: Reiza Studios

Release Date: 24/08/2015

Reiza Studios have released their very latest build of Automobilista Motorsports Simulator which includes a new karting track.

Automobilista Motorsports Simulator AMS kart track

The v0.9.8 build features the newly added Speedland Kart track venue complete with an impressive number of four layouts. Other changes include tweaked force feedback output which is said to help with wheel lightness under low steering forces when using lower end force feedback controllers.

You can see the full list of additions, changes and fixes in the changelog below.

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Features & Fixes:

Enhanced pneumatic trail by adding new PneumaticTrailGripFractPower (PTGFP) function, for much improved self-aligning torque (should make tire forces more perceivable through FFB)

Added new low speed FFB fuction to eliminate vibration / oscillation at very slow speeds

Added AIWs to Time Trial anticheat verification (this will lead to failed authentication in case of AIW edits)

Tweaked road dust smoke & skid properties

VIR: Improved road & curb textures

Karts: Adjusted tires

Boxer: Added wiper to cockpit view; Corrected AI tire wear
Lancer Cup: Fixed pneumatic trail bug which numbed FFB output

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