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News Large Racecraft update improves graphics, physics & more


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Game: Racecraft

Platform: PC

Publisher: Vae Victis

Release Date: 04/03/2016

Indie development Vae Victis Games has released their latest version of their procedurally generated racer Racecraft.

The new 0.5.0 update is the result of several months hard work and took into consideration fan feedback from the Racecraft beta. The new, and rather substantial, update updates and improvements several aspects of the title including gameplay, UI, graphics, physics, performance and more.

To show off the improvements from new update the development team has released a few new screenshots which can be seen in the gallery below. Racecraft is currently available on Early Access, for the full patch notes see below.

Changelog for the 0.5.0 update

Gameplay: Added collisions between cars (Race mode) 

Gameplay: Added virtual mirror in HUD 

Gameplay: Procedural generation of AI profiles 

Gameplay: Improved collisions 

Gameplay: Standings on position billboard 

UI: Favorite Tracks tab added to Tracks menu 

UI: Improved Track Creation management 

UI: Improved GUI layout 

Graphics: Lighting management in night conditions 

Graphics: Fixed bad illumination in some special cases 

Procedural engine: Improved walls/fences distribution 

Procedural engine: Added new asset: Kerbs models/type 

Procedural engine: Added new asset: Track/buildings on starting straight 

Procedural engine: Added new asset: Track/recovery vehicles 

Procedural engine: Added new asset: Cameramen characters/platforms 

Physics: Reduced engine power 

Physics: Increased drag 

Performances: Pre-generated track shaders during scene loading (which caused a lot of hiccups) 

Performances: Smoother frame rendering 

Performances: Reduced performance impact of dynamic reflections 

Performances: Slightly reduced CPU workload during rendering 

General: Bugfix and general polishing

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