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News KTM X-Bow R makes its game debut in Assetto Corsa


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Game: Assetto Corsa

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: 505 Games

Release Date: 19/12/2014

It's surprising to find that KTM's ultra lightweight trackcar the X-Bow has been barely featured in contemporary driving games – a visit over to the Internet Games Car Database reveals that the mobile Asphalt series is curently the only game where you can drive one.

This is about to change however, as Assetto Corsa can now claim itself as the first serious driving game to feature the X-Bow.

Spefically, Assetto Corsa will carry the more powerful R version, with its 300hp Audi TFSI engine that delivers a 0 – 60 time of less than 4 seconds. Couple this with the fact it weights just 750 kilos and you have an open top car that was clearly built for the track for drivers looking for a purist driving experience that Assetto Corsa hopes to replicate with its advanced physics engine. 

In truth, the X-Bow R was one of the first cars to be announced for Assetto Corsa, but a new batch of in-game screenshots show its current state of development which you can see in the gallery below. 

At this point, we'd say that Project C.A.R.S. is safely in the lead in the visual department (seriously, have you seen the scarily realistic screenshots on our Facebook page?), but Assetto Corsa's potential car line-up and promising physics still has our attention.  

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