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News Koenigsegg confirms racing game future for Regera supercar


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The Swedish supercar manufacturer Koenigsegg has revealed its latest model will be featured in a racing game eventually.

Confirmed through the firm's social media channels, the announcement revealed a team of sound engineers had visited the Koenigsegg factory to record "the most realistic sound possible for your future video game driving pleasure".

The edit history to the announcement post on the official Koenigsegg Facebook page also revealed the audio recording work was conducted by Sony – suggesting the Regera will be coming to DriveClub (a game that already features not one but two Koenigsegg supercar models) and/or Gran Turismo Sport.

More details on the supercar's racing game future may be revealed during this March's Geneva Motor Show, where Koenigsegg is tipped to unveil the production-ready version of the Regera.

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