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News Kartsim enters Steam Greenlight, new trailer released


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Game: KartKraft

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Black Delta

Release Date: Q3 2019 (PS4 & XBOX ONE)

It’s been almost decade in the making, but indie developer Zach Griffin’s ambitious Kartsim is almost ready for release. However, the developer needs your help getting Kartsim released on Steam, and has listed it on Steam’s Greenlight service in order to give it as much exposure as possible.

Looking at the feature list outlined in the newly-released trailer, Kartsim certainly appears to be the definitive racing game for karting enthusiasts, featuring sandbox stunt modes along with serious racing modes.


The physics are also said to be extremley realistic, replicating weight shifting and even the flexing of the chassis during the race, which will gradually bend if you drive carelessly.

Zach’s plan is to launch Kartsim on Steam Early Access later htis year, with 5 laser scanned tracks, 5 different kart classes, AI and Multiplayer, with more content to be added over time during its period on Early Access.

We think you’ll agree this is an astonishing achievement for a lone developer. If you want to see Kartsim released on Steam, you can vote for it here on Steam Greenlight.

In the meantime, rFactor 2 recently released some karting content if you can’t wait for Kartsim.

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