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News KartKraft devs gearing up for Early Access release, new screens


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Game: KartKraft

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Black Delta

Release Date: Q3 2019 (PS4 & XBOX ONE)

Black Delta, developer of the racing kart simulation KartKraft have recently shared their December update for their in development PC racer.

Development for KartKraft is going well, according to Black Delta, so well in fact that they are preparing for for title’s Early Access release. Expected in Q1 next year, KartKraft’s Early Access version will feature additional features along with various improvements and optimisations thanks to feedback from the sim racing community.

Black Delta have released 5 in-game screenshots (seen across this article) and are due to release a new teaser trailer any day now. The teaser trailer will give us a first look at the title since its switch over to the Unreal Engine 4. The pictures display a few of the karts along with the laser scanned Geelong Kart Club circuit, Melbourne, Australia, and can be seen in the gallery below.

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