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News Kart racer Bears Can’t Drift gears up for PC & PS4 release, new trailer


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The classic kart racer Bears Can't Drift is currently gearing up for its PC and PlayStation 4 release.

The very last PlayStation 4 bug has been fixed according to Arran Langmead CEO of indie developer Strangely Named and has been resubmitted to the Sony quality assurance team.

Bears Can't Drift aims to bring back the fun from karting games of yesteryear with its bright and colourful appearance, fun powerups and fast-paced action. The title clearly takes inspiration from Mario Kart games although certainly does enough to feel different and have a character of its own.

To get a good feel for the fast-paced karting action in Bears Can't Drift cast your eyes below at the newly released final trailer.

Bears Can't Drift features 12 different tracks and gives you choice of 8 playable characters (or should that be bears?). There's three game modes on offer and the title grants players the chance to take part in some 4 player split screen action which is becoming very rare these days in the racing genre.

All going well, we can probably expect an announcement soon regarding the release date for Bears Can't Drift, we'll keep you up to date on all the latest with the retro-inspired kart racer.

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