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News Kandagawa Jet Girls makes a splash this August


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Game: Kandagawa Jet Girls

Platform: PC, PS4

Publisher: Marvelous Europe

Release Date: 25/08/2020

There are lots of racing games that fall below the radar. In modern times very few get noticed, either controlled by huge marketing budgets or generally players like what their friends like, this means niche titles simply don’t get through to the mass market. Kandagawa Jet Girls is one of those niche titles, and judging by the trailer you can expect varied gameplay and lots of colourful activity with the classic ‘blue skies’ anime art style reminiscent of Japanese arcade games from the 90’s.

Being published by Marvelous Europe and developed by HONEY PARADE GAME, Kandagawa Jet Girls is an action adventure driving game. With various weapons and mini games to explore. Besides the obvious arcade influence, there is that vibe of titles such as N64 classic, Waverace. In terms of modes and content Marvelous have revealed the following details:

Multiple Playable Characters: Seven teams, seven Jet Skis and fourteen different characters will be playable; with each Character and Jet Ski being interchangeable and selectable in offline and online gameplay modes. Choose your favourite characters and race to victory.

The Fun of Water Guns: SHOOTERS on each team can use one of many different water-based weapons including Dual Handguns, Gatling Gun, Sniper Rifle and Missile Launcher. Each weapon also has their own unique firing style and cool-down; so choose wisely.

In-Depth Customisation: Dress up your character in more than 60 outfits, and customise the Jet Ski with over 50 machine parts, to express your passion for the sport and to gain the attention of your rivals.

Mini-Games Galore: Trying to be the best at Jet Racing can be tiresome; so relax with four fun-filled mini-games that will help train the body and soul.

Ryōbi and Ryōna from SENRAN KAGAURA are here: The infamous sisters Ryōbi and Ryōna will be included as playable characters in Kandagawa Jet Girls on the PlayStation 4.

The game will also offer a detailed Story Mode, offline racing in Free Mode, including Time Attack and Quick Race, there are also four mini-games and competitive online multiplayer modes for up to four players. Kandagawa Jet Girls will be released digitally on STEAM for Windows PC and PS4 on 25th August.

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