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News Jeep Grand Cherokee fails the ‘Elk Test’. Again.


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When it comes to failures of the Avoidance Maneuver Test (also more commonly known as the 'Moose Test' or 'Elk Test' ), few can topple the original Mercedes-Benz A-Class, which toppled over when it was entered into the obstacle into 1997.

However, it seems that now you should focus more on the Jeep Grand Cherokee, as this is a car that has now officially failed this procedure for the second time.

In case you don't know what the 'Elk Test' is, it's essentially a task where, in order to pass, the car being examined must be able to remain stable whilst making a quick, emergency-style maneuvre at speed (as this examination is mostly done in Sweden, with the scenario being that there's a moose or elk in the middle of the road, that's how the test got its various nicknames).

And this is a test that, sadly for Jeep, the Grand Cherokee wasn't able to pass with flying colours. As you can see from the video below, it actually failed as a result of an insufficient electronic stability management system, loads of body roll and the fact the 3 individual cars that were tested burst seven tyres between them.

Obviously, this isn't acceptable in this day and age, and the Swedish motoring magazine "Teknikens Varld" (that ran both this test and the infamous A-Class one) has recommended that no one should buy a Jeep Grand Cherokee until its makers have rectified this very dangerous flaw.

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