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News Jason Bourne’s car chase wrecked more cars than The Blues Brothers


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The Bourne series is renowned for its visceral shaky cam filming style, brutal fight scenes and of course crazy car chases that rank among the best in recent years, from the memorable Mini chase in The Bourne Identity featuring Bourne evading police in Paris, the destructive taxi chase in The Bourne Supremacy set in Moscow (arguably the best and most intense chase scene in the series so far) and The Bourne Ultimatum's short but sweet chase in New York where Bourne escapes from assassins in a commandeered police car fro. 

Racing into cinemas today, Jason Bourne reunites lead actor Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass (who also directed The Bourne Supremacy and Ultimatum, so expect his signature shaky cam to return) nine years after The Bourne Ultimatum (I think we'd all like to forget The Bourne Legacy ever happened) which sees the titular assassin returning out of the shadows to uncover more truths from his past now that his memory has returned. 

Keeping up the tradition, Jason Bourne culminates in a car chase set in Las Vegas with Bourne pursuing a SWAT van in a police Dodge Charger. The scene required the iconic Las Vegas Boulevard to be shut down for filming.


Vehicles rarely stay pristine in Bourne car chases. From the footage we've seen, Jason Bourne has some pretty spectacular setpieces: we see the SWAT van crashing through casinos and plowing into a row of cars sending them flying into the air which you can catch a glimpse of in the official trailer before. Michael Bay would be proud.

All in-all, 170 cars were reportedly wrecked for the scene. To give that some context, Jason Bourne wrecked more cars than The Blues Brothers which destroyed 103 – most of which of course were police cars.


Early reviews are suggesting that, despite some strong performances from the cast, Jason Bourne's story isn't as compelling as the previous trilogy – I'd argue The Bourne Ultimatum wrapped up the trilogy, so a sequel does seem unnecessary. Hopefully the car chase will make up for any shortcomings and live up to the series' standards. 

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