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News Is The 90s Arcade Racer gearing up for release? New gameplay video shows near-final build


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Game: 90’s Super GT

Platform: PS4, Switch, XBox One

Publisher: Nicalis

Release Date: TBA

It feels like a lifetime ago that The 90s Aracde Racer was announced, a fan project that pays tribute to the colourful arcade racers of yesteryear such as Daytona USA and OutRun. It’s been several months since the last update, but now the long-running project appears to be in the final stages of development as a new gameplay video of what looks like a near-final build has been released showcasing progress made to the AI as well as the finished in-game GUI.

A Kickstarter blog reveals that the developer is currently “in the proccess of polishing, optimizing,bug fixing as well as setting up the two player splitscreen and the championship mode.”

While the tracks look a tad too wide for my liking, The 90s Racer seems to be successfully capturing the spirit of arcade racers from that era, with its vibrant visuals, accessible handling that encourages drifting, checkpoint-based racing and fast and fluid gameplay.

A release date still hasn’t been announced, sadly, but we hopefully don’t have much longer to wait for The 90s Arcade Racer to powerslide onto Wii U, PC, Android and iOS devices. The developer has already acknowledged that development of The 90s Arcade Racer is “coming to an end” and started work on their next project The Takeover, an old-school fighting game resembling Final Fight and Streets of Rage. The Takeover will be offered for free to backers of The 90s Arcade Racer – you can download a PC demo from its Steam page.

Its release can’t come soon enough, as quite frankly I feel like there aren’t enough arcade racing games being released anymore. The 90s Arcade Racer is a reminder to developers that racing games don’t necessarily need to be realistic – they just need to be fun.

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