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Alan Boiston

Founder & Website Editor

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Game: iRacing

Platform: PC

Publisher: Motorsport Simulations

Release Date: 26/08/2008

It’s not long now till I begin my long awaited iRacing career, but besides watching Talladega Nights and conquering my fear these videos have also gone a long way to informing me as to what I’ve been missing out on.  The effects video shows just how realistic iRacing really is, from the body language of the cars to the competitors jostling for position. This is racing this is where I want to be, a great feel generated within this helmet view.

The 5 screen dispaly really demonstrates the immersion offered by multi screen displays, with the head-cam you could almost mistake it for real life and though the side screens may look like overkill, in practice they are essential driving tools.

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