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Game: iRacing

Platform: PC

Publisher: Motorsport Simulations

Release Date: 26/08/2008

Dirt racing was first announced for iRacing on April 1 this year, originally many believed the announcement to be an April Fool's joke however it was officially confirmed a week later.

The Williams Grove Speedway is currently in line to be one of the first dirt tracks released for iRacing and the iRacing development team have shared a behind the scenes video taking a look at the upcoming dirt track and the many challenges involved.

iRacing Software Engineer Dan Garrison talks about the varying surface of the Williams Grove Speedway after a race has taken place. Indeed the development team had to scan the track twice to measure the difference between the track pre and post race.

Clearly the iRacing development team are scanning and recreating dirt surfaces in painstaking detail and care which should make for the most realistic virtual representation of dirt racing ever found in a piece of software.

You can view the short video below.

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