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News Improved Portugal International track v2.0 released for rFactor 2


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Game: Rfactor 2

Platform: PC

Publisher: Image Space Incorporated

Release Date: 28/03/2013

Image Space Incorporated (ISI) have released version 2.0 of the Portugal International (Estoril) track. The original track was inundated with performance issues which the new v 2.0 track addresses.

Amongst the many, many updates (see below) the new track benefits from smoothed out bumps, a new terrain shader, new textures, new loading screens and new and updated cameras.

You can download the updated version of the Portugal International track here, and you can take a look at all the improvements in the so-called condensed changelog below along with a gameplay video that shows off the updated track and even some rather nice looking screenshots further below.

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Implemented RealRoad Shader and reworked/remapped roads

Mapped RaceGroove for GP and GT Layouts

Remapped painted lines

Lowered sawtooth curbs

Cut Astroturf into terrain meshes

Cut in new gravel trap edges for use with Terrain Shader

Terrain Radiosity pass

Added high poly inner embankments inside T1-T4

Added terrain shadow casters

Added new grid + new texture

Added normal and spec maps to armco posts

Repopulated RefMap0, ReflectedEnv and Static01 reflection maps with performance in mind

Applied super precise inertia for movable tyre stacks based on rF2’s tyre model calculations

Added telehandlers

Added new loading screens

Removed one particularly nasty tyre wall on GP Layout

Fixed small building proportion inaccuracy

Fixed tyre wall smoothing

Remapped start lights to match reality

Re-exported XSectors to fix 32 bit issues

Slightly reduced z-fighting of vegetation, also resulting in a tiny performance gain

Replaced all trackside vehicles with higher detail ones (Team Trucks, Rescue Vehicles, Cars)

Replaced apex tyre stacks to GT Layout with higher detail ones

Replaced tyre walls with higher detail ones

Replaced glass materials

Optimized road and terrain objects and materials for better and smoother performance

Optimized tyre wall material

Optimized 3D tyre objects

Optimized Armco (aggressive), Armco posts and fence posts

Optimized all vegetation objects for smoother performance

Optimized shadow casters for armco and tyres for better performance

Removed some hardly-seen pit objects

Optimized night lighting

Cleaned up pit building textures

Removed negative mip map bias on all/most materials

Remapped and optimized marshal huts

Randomized vegetation a bit

Improved tyre textures

Updated crowd textures

Cut in red bricks on old ruin house

Tweaked fog
Condensed this changelog (yes, it was much larger)!

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