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News Hungarian and Turkish Paintjob DLCs released for Euro Truck Simulator 2


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Game: Euro Truck Simulator 2

Platform: PC

Publisher: SCS Software

Release Date: 16/01/2013

The Euro Truck Simulator 2 development team have released their latest couple of paint job DLC packs: Hungarian Paint Jobs Pack and Turkish Paint Jobs Pack.

The Hungarian and Turkish packs can be found on Steam here and here respectively and cost £0.79. SCS Software began releasing country-specific paintjob DLC packs two years ago which quickly grew into thousands of files which needed to be adjusted to fit several cabin shapes in the game. SCS Software commented on the situation:

“With the commitment to provide any official paintjob for all the standard cabin configurations of all the trucks included in the game, we are talking over 50 individual graphics files per DLC. These need to be created and adjusted for the various cabin shapes, and then maintained indefinitely through any cabin 3D model tweaks, file format, or shader tech change.”

“It did not look unbearable early on through the first few paintjobs packs, but now with thousands of files to keep an eye on across the many paintjob sets, it is kind of scary. Creating a paintjob DLC may take “only” a few man-weeks, but if we need to touch a cabin 3D model, it can cause a month of retouching of existing graphics.”

Despite the heavy commitment needed to keep pumping out the paintjob packs, SCS Software have assured fans that they will continue to develop paintjob DLC packs for countries that have not yet been covered.

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