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News Hovercraft racer SmuggleCraft gets Greenlit on Steam


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SmuggleCraft, a quest-based hovercraft racer from indie developer Happy Badger Studio, has recently been Greenlit after spending seven weeks on Steam's Greenlight programme.

Happy Badger commented on their recent success: "Huge news! We were excited to discover yesterday that, thanks to the help of friends, family, and fans, SmuggleCraft has been Greenlit on Steam! After just seven weeks on Greenlight, we received a lot of positive feedback, incredible support, and great encouragement. We know that Steam will be a great platform for SmuggleCraft, and have a brand new wave of energy to pump into the game’s development."

SmuggleCraft stands out from the crowd in the racing genre with its procedurally generated tracks, and quests which have alternate endings depending on your choices made throughout the game. This makes for a unique experience and no two players should have the same play through.

The game's 3D environments are simple but have a definite character with its sci-fi and art deco theme, this is all set to a backdrop of a classical and 80's synth pop soundtrack. The hovercrafts found in the racer are fully customisable, Happy Badger Studio say there will be hundreds of different combinations possible with their modular craft system.

SmuggleCraft, Happy Badger Studio's first console title, will launch for Playstation 4, PC, Mac and Linux platforms in Spring 2016. Check out the first gameplay video, which was released last month, below.

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