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News Horizon Chase Turbo sliding onto Switch & Xbox One on Nov 28


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Game: Horizon Chase Turbo

Platform: PC, PS4, Switch, XBox One

Publisher: Aquiris Game Studio

Release Date: 28/11/2018 (Switch & XONE)

Retro-inspired arcade racer Horizon Chase Turbo will be skidding its way onto the Switch and Xbox One on November 28. Pre-orders are already available on Nintendo’s hybrid console, and they will soon be available on Xbox One.

The Switch and Xbox One versions will feature a brand new game mode called “Playground”, which contains a set of live challenges that will be updated regularly to keep players coming back. Exclusive content for each platform will also be announced soon.

Horizon Chase Turbo is very much a homage to classic 16-bit racers such as Out Run and Top Gear. The game blends nostalgia with tight controls and a catchy audio track composed by Barry Leitch (Top Gear, Lotus, and Rush series) while also offering split-screen multiplayer.

Horizon Chase Turbo on Nintendo Switch captures the best of the already released versions (with a 97% positive review rate on Steam) and brings back the classic racing genre to the hybrid console. We believe modern and old-school fans will appreciate it”, affirms Amilton Diesel, Technical Art Director at Aquiris.

The game main features include:

  • Thrilling arcade racing game, inspired by Outrun, Top Gear, Lotus Turbo Challenge, and others
  • Amazing old-style split-screen multiplayer up to 4 players
  • Music by Barry Leitch, Sound Designer in 90s racing classics such as Top Gear and Lotus Turbo Challenge, among others
  • 12 Cups, 48 Cities, 109 tracks, 32 Unlockable Cars, and 12 Upgrades
  • 4 Game Modes: World Tour, Playground, Tournament, and Endurance.


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