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News Horizon Chase announced – a homage to 80’s & 90’s racers


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Game: Horizon Chase Turbo

Platform: PC, PS4, Switch, XBox One

Publisher: Aquiris Game Studio

Release Date: 28/11/2018 (Switch & XONE)

Brazilian developer Aquiris Game Studio have announced their latest racing game Horizon Chase to the world. It is best described as a racer that pays homage to the 80’s and early 90’s racing genre and in particular 1992’s SNES classic Top Gear.

Aquiris want to bring back the fast paced, colourful and fun vibe to the racing genre with Horizon Chase, the game is said to be heavily influenced by the likes of Out Run, Top Gear and Lotus Turbo Challenge. Take a look at the Horizon Chase teaser video below.


To really add to the nostalgic feeling, Aquiris have hired the composer who worked on many racing classics like Top Gear, Lotus Turbo Challenge and Rush. The idea was to make the game sound like the classics games but brought into the 21st century.

Which platforms Horizon Chase will race onto is still anyone’s guess, although looking at the screenshots we can see a mobile version of the game already. Aquiris haven’t ruled out any consoles as of yet so it really could appear on anything, we’ll keep you abreast of all the latest updates.

Which classic racing game is your favorite?

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