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News Here’s the full trophy list for Bears Can’t Drift!?


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Strangely Named's retro inspired Kart racer Bears Can't Drift!? was released just recently on the PlayStation 4 console. We take a look at all the trophies available for the fun and colourful arcade racer.

Bears Can't Drift!? is obviously inspired by karting classics like Crash Team Racing, Diddy Kong Racing and the godfather of them all: Mario Kart. Bears Can't Drift has single race, time trial and checkpoint modes and features 12 tracks set across 3 hub worlds.

Trophies range from the absurdly easy to the bizarre and of course there are some that seem difficult to obtain as you might expect.

You can view the full list of PlayStation trophies for Bears Can't Drift!? For the PlayStation 4 below.

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  •      Alpha Bear Collect every trophy Platinum
  •      Easy Peasy Activate easy difficulty mode Bronze
  •      Average Bear Activate medium difficulty mode Silver
  •      UnBEARable Activate Hard difficulty mode Gold
  •      Poop Place You gave it your best, but it wasn't good enough Bronze
  •      OUCH Hit yourself with a mortor strike Bronze
  •      How Fetching! Find a hat during a race or picnic battle and come 1st, 2nd or 3rd Silver
  •      Catch the pigeon! Unlock the pigeon hat and wear it proudly Bronze
  •      Many Skills Collect every hat Gold
  •      MINE! Steal the flags from a friend Bronze
  •      Special Thanks Complete the special thanks mini game Gold
  •      Everyone's a WINNER… Not you though In four player splitscreen, finish a race in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively Gold
  •      First Star Come First place in any race or picnic battle Bronze
  •      Master of the Forest Gold Star every track in the Forest world Gold
  •      Master of the Tundra Gold Star every track in the Arctic world Gold
  •      Master of the Ruins Gold Star every track in the Ruin world Gold
  •      Faster than the average bear! Get a top time on any track Bronze
  •      Faster than a speeding… bear? Rank first in half of the time trial challenges Silver
  •      A blur of fur! Rank first on every time trial event Gold
  •      I see you! Destroy a camera! Bronze
  •      Combo Crazy! Use every weapon combo in a single match Silver    
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