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News Here’s some Car Crusher action in Carmageddon Max Damage


Kevin Dooley


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Game: Carmageddon Max Damage

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Stainless Games

Release Date: 08/07/2016

Continuing our look at different modes found within Carmageddon Max Damage we turn our attention to the Car Crusher mode this time around.

The action takes place on the landing pads arena which features a rather large central disc which drops down every so often crushing any unsuspecting folk that happen to stray too close, indeed we was caught out on a couple of occasions ourselves.

We opt for the herse vehicle which is comically entitled the stiffshifter which features a stiff (dead person) in the rear portion of the vehicle, fortunately though the aforementioned stiff remained in the coffin throughout the gameplay (probably) intact.

You gain a point for every car you wreck with the goal of making six points, as ever though, others can wreck you and steal a point from you in the process, check out the chaotic Car Crusher event below.

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