Here's part 1 of our Redout career play through - Team VVV

News Here’s part 1 of our Redout career play through


Kevin Dooley


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We kick off a new series of play through videos for the rather fast-paced and fun racer Redout with part 1 of our career.

Much like in Assetto Corsa's career mode you kick off proceedings with a time trial event so you can get to grips with that particular track and how the craft handles. You actually have an unusual twin-stick control method in Redout – the left stick moves you left and right as normal with the right which tilts your craft to aid it around corners.

We got used to the control method quickly and it felt very intuitive after just a short time. Indeed when you learn the track you'll find you'll be turning into the corners before you actually get to them to shave tenths off your lap time.

You can view part 1 of our Redout career play through below.

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