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News Head to Head: Pole Position Vs Enduro on the Atari 2600.


Steve Benway


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Arguments in the schoolyard like "My C64 is better than your Spectrum!" or "My PS4 is better than your XBone!" have been a thing for as long as there have been things to argue about. 

One such disagreement, back in the early 80s, was over Atari's Pole Position and Activision's Enduro, both on the Atari 2600.

So… time to be a bit more objective, and put Pole Position up against Enduro, back to back, and see what the score really is.

For those who just want to know which come out top… 
Well… Computer And Video Games were right… Enduro is the better game, but for me to then assume that Pole Position is rubbish was a mistake. While Enduro is, in my opinion, the more compelling game, and one which I can play for many hours, Pole Position has a certain depth to it that I was previously unaware of. Perhaps not worth the £30 that it cost back in the day, but worthy of picking up a loose cart on ebay and having a quick play of every now and then.

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