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News GT5 DLC reprises Twin Ring Motegi, adds Scion FR-S


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Game: Gran Turismo

Platform: PS1

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: 20/03/1998

With the recent GT Academy being the focus of Polyphony Digital’s attention as of late, there’s been a rather big pause in the stream of DLC content that’s steadily being made available for the PS3’s flagship racing title. The last pack (the cleverly named ‘Car Pack 3’), after all, was launched back in January!

Thankfully, those avid GT gamers who are getting a bit impatient as a result of the lack of DLC content on offer need only wait a short while longer, as it appears that a new pack is in the pipelines.

According to the official Italian Gran Turismo website, the Twin Ring Motegi circuit will be made available in an upcoming pack for GT5. However, don’t go thinking that it’ll just be the one variation that was previewed in the GT Academy mini-game, as there’ll allegedly be four different track layouts (the ‘East Course’, ‘West Course’, ‘Road Course’ and ‘Super Speedway’, in case you were wondering).

It’s also come to our attention that even those who don’t have any dosh to spend on new DLC will still be able to install something if their Playstation is connected to the Internet, as the Scion FR-S sports coupe will also be made available as a free download.

To be honest, though, we find this a bit weird – after all, it’s pretty much identical to the Toyota GT86 that’s has been a part of GT5’s 1,000+ car roster since last December’s 2.02 software update. Still, it’s a new car to the series that’s free, so we can’t complain too much, and there’s often a big ‘surprise’ whenever PD announces a free in-game gift to its fanbase.

As this is still ‘leaked’ info (at time of writing, no other official Gran Turismo website mentions a new DLC pack) it’s all a bit hazy at the mooment – the only stat we know will be of some use to the consumer is that it’ll be sold in Italy for 5 Euros, so it’s likely it won’t be a hugely expensive bit of DLC.

We will, though, be reporting on any major announcements regarding this mysterious new paid-for downloadable content pack as soon as we get a whiff of them, so keep your eyes peeled on our website and Facebook pages over the next few days.

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