GT Academy Finalist Neil Williams' iRacing Career Episode 3: Laguna Seca Race 5 - Team VVV

News GT Academy Finalist Neil Williams’ iRacing Career Episode 3: Laguna Seca Race 5


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Game: iRacing

Platform: PC

Publisher: Motorsport Simulations

Release Date: 26/08/2008

GT Academy Finalist Neil Williams returns for episode 3 of his series of iRacing videos chronicling his career in the subscription-based sim.

Once again, Neil returns to Laguna Seca in the TeamVVV Mazda MX5 Cup Car where we see his skills continue to improve as he becomes more accustomed to the Mazda's nippy handling characteristics.

Despite another victory, it wasn't a completely smooth run for Neil. In the heat of the race, a challenging corner resulted in the back end stepping out, which Neil was unfortunately unable to catch, resulting in the car spinning out. Luckily, Neil's sizeable lead meant he was able to recover from the incident. And from learning from the mistake, he was able to offer driving adivce to iRacing newcomers on how to tackle the track in the lightweight roadster.


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