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News GRIP update improves vehicle stability, AI and more


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Game: GRIP: Combat Racing

Platform: PC, PS4, Switch, XBox One

Publisher: Wired Productions

Release Date: 06/11/2018

GRIP, the early access title that is the spiritual successor to 1999's Rollcage, has undergone a recent update which sees big improvements to vehicle stability and AI competitiveness and features a brand new track on the planet Norvos.

GRIP Steam Early Access update patch 1011According to developer Caged Element, vehicles are now more stable than ever with the car now not reacting so harshly to collisions which was one of our complaints from our initial impressions with the game which you can view below.

AI vehicles are now more competitive are will avoid obstacles and collisions more easily and recover from crashes quicker. Even the race cameras have had tweaks which should now convey a greater sense of speed.

You can view the full changelog for GRIP's v1.0.11.1 update below.

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Here is the full changelist for patch 


Large improvements to AI: AI are now more competitive, navigating tracks more easily and avoiding obstacles/collisions. They also recover quicker from crashes 


Transport: Added more detailed structures (still WIP), improved lighting overall 

Basin/Biodome/Festive: Improved lighting


Greatly improved the small tunnel asset in Jahtra tracks 

Updated starting gate to be more detailed




The incoming missile indicator is now a flashing icon above the speedo, rather than the borders of the screen turning red 


Pick-up balancing 

A new vehicle from the "Cygon" manufacturer 

Basic vehicle customization 

Additional racetracks on Liddo5 and Jahtra 

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