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News GRIP, the spiritual successor to 1999’s Rollcage, comes to Steam Early Access


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Game: GRIP: Combat Racing

Platform: PC, PS4, Switch, XBox One

Publisher: Wired Productions

Release Date: 06/11/2018

GRIP is best described as a homage to 1999's excellent Rollcage title. GRIP combines high speed racing with combat elements to bring old-school arcade racing action back into our lives, check out the trailer below.
GRIP is now available to play on Steam's Early Access programme (for £11.99), its presence here should provide developer Caged Element a great platform to further develop and improve their title through valuable community feedback.

Indeed Caged Element are taking fan feedback very seriously with regular polls on the official forums regarding all aspects of GRIP. Caged Element today shined a light on when we can expect the full version to release:

Our goal is to have the "final" version of GRIP by the end of 2016, though with the right support GRIP will never be final, as we hope to be adding new cars, tracks and possibly pick-ups well into 2017. The first version out of early access would be a complete version, or in other words, our vision of the full game as it's outlined in the game design document.”

Caged Element explain that the Early Access version will “not have many features at first”, with the focus very much on GRIP's core gameplay mechanics. Once these core elements are nicely fine tuned and perfected, we can then expect new content to be added based upon feedback from the community. The full list of contents for the early access version can be seen below.

  • 1 vehicle (12 skins)
  • 3 Game modes (Race, Arena & Playground)
  • 7 Levels (some WIP)
  • 4 Weapons (Homing missile, machine gun, mine, leader rocket)
  • 2 Power-ups (Shield, Turbo)
  • 7 Ingame music tracks
  • Play single player (against AI) or Split-screen with a friend

According to Caged Element, the full version of GRIP will contain 8 cars (with four classes), 12 tracks (from 4 planets), 10 pick ups, and will boast the following six modes: career, arcade, arena, precision, elimination, and multiplayer. Additionally the game should also feature mod tools for custom cars and (depending upon funding) a track editor too, enabling players to create their own race tracks.

Pricing is expected to creep up as more and more content and features make it into GRIP, however Caged Element stress that whichever price you pay for GRIP in Early Access you will not have to pay any extra to receive the final release version.

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