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News GRIP: Combat Racing’s upcoming tracks teased


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Game: GRIP: Combat Racing

Platform: PC, PS4, Switch, XBox One

Publisher: Wired Productions

Release Date: 06/11/2018

Caged Element has teased several upcoming tracks that will launch for GRIP: Combat Racing as part of the March update which will also see the addition of Team Modes.

There are a total of four new tracks heading to the fast-paced arcade racer, you can check out the first footage on all of the new tracks in the teaser video below.

The development team has stated it will be sharing even more footage and more information on Team Modes in the coming days. The developer has also said it needs “a couple more weeks” to add polish.

The four new tracks and the Team Mode will be launch simultaneously next month across the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Caged Element started the year by putting the first phase of their 2019 roadmap plan into action with a massive update for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of GRIP: Combat Racing. The January update nicknamed the “Big Ass Update”  brought with it a massive overhaul of the AI and online matchmaking.

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