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News GRIP: Combat Racing receives massive PS4 & Xbox One update


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Game: GRIP: Combat Racing

Platform: PC, PS4, Switch, XBox One

Publisher: Wired Productions

Release Date: 06/11/2018

GRIP: Combat Racing‘s developer Caged Element has started the year as they mean to go on by putting the first phase of their 2019 roadmap plan into action with a massive update for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of their Rollcage-inspired racer (with the Switch update to follow close behind).

The January update (which got released in the nick of time, except for the Switch version, oops) nicknamed the “Big Ass Update” (I’m not making this up) brings with it a massive overhaul of the AI and online matchmaking.

The “Big Ass Update” arrives as part of GRIP’s ongoing post-launch plans

This means players should be able to participate in the fast-paced online action quicker than ever before.  The AI and catch-up system (or “rubber banding”) rebalancing should enable players to have more of a competitive gameplay experience throughout GRIP’s single-player modes.

We’ve broken down that Big Ass Update for your viewing pleasure below, the full list of patch notes can be seen here.

  • Lobby overhauled with new simplified voting mechanics and count down timer
  • Catch-up assistance has been rebalanced and can be toggled during the game’s campaign
  • AI bots now drive more competitively even when catch-up assistance is turned off
  • AI bot vehicles are now selected to be comparable to the player’s vehicle
  • Bug fix for AI bot catch-up in MP games
  • Resolved issue when displaying split-screen results
  • “View to a kill” battle arena is now rebalanced and redesigned
  • “Magmatic Core” battle arena now has speed-pads and has been redesigned to prevent insta-death
  • Improvements to various tracks’ collisions and performance
  • Fixed issues around vehicle customisation
  • Improved stability for split-screen tournaments
  • Fixed bug preventing players 3 and 4 selecting vehicles in split-screen
  • Resolved issue where achievements were incorrectly unlocked when spectating a MP game
  • Improved calculations for leaderboard statistics
  • Improved how the player’s overall average speed and position are calculated
  • Electrical sounds volume is now set correctly
  • Improved missile targeting when the target is manoeuvring hard
  • Improved missile guidance – missiles now avoid the floor much more often when launching
  • Vehicles are now allocated correctly to human players in split-screen events or tournaments


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