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News Grind & flip to deliver tacos amid the apocalypse in Tacopocalypse


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Have you always wanted to complete jumps, flips and grinds with a car Tony Hawk style? Does the thought of a future apocalyptic world resembling hell excite you? Do you enjoy the crispy goodness of a well grilled taco? If yes then I believe I have the right game for you.

Tacopocolypse, a PC game developed by Orlando-based Cherry Pie Games, is best described as a taco delivery stunt game where you must deliver as many tacos to customers as possible. Often you'll find the tacos require some expert jumping off ramps or grinding on poles to acquire which adds a decent element of challenge to proceedings.

Take a look at some gameplay action below for a better idea.

Cherry Pie Games have offered players a free demo of Tacopocolaypse which can be found at this link. The demo grants you access to the Golden Bay map which can be played either single player or with up to 3 others in the local versus mode, you can even sample some of the customisation found within the game which incudes different vinyls and paint schemes with lots more to come.

Controls are very simple using the traditional WASD keys to control your car both on ground and in the air, other single button presses will allow your car to jump, barrel roll and boost. Also don't forget to return to the taco shack if you happen to run out of tacos, very important that.

Tacopocolypse is currently hoping to get greenlit on Steam's greenlight programme, you can also support the game with its Kickstarter campaign which, at the time of writing, has gathered $2,452 of its $10,000 goal thanks to 44 backers. The Kickstarter campaign still has 21 days remaining and so is off to a very good start.

Let us know how you got on with the game in the comments.

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