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Game: Grid 2

Platform: PC, PS3, XB360

Publisher: Codemasters

Release Date: 27/05/2013

With the release of Grid 2 now just around the corner, excitement for Codemasters' long awaited return to the track is mounting. 

After our last video preview blowout, Team VVV were invited to Codemasters HQ for another hands-on session with the latest build. As always, Alan was on-hand to capture his findings in a series of in-depth gameplay videos for your viewing pleasure.  

Our first video from the session takes us to the fictional Paris street circuit, where we tear up the tarmac in Grid 2's exhilerating Elimination mode with the help of a biblically-powerful Bugatti Veyron and a £20k gaming rig. 

While Elimination, a mode where the player languishing in last place gets eliminated at set intervals, has been done to death in previous Codemasters games, there's no denying the intensity on display here.

​Charging through the tight circuit in the Veyron on a heavenly triple screen setup, and a Fanatec racing wheel, complete with a BMW rig for added authenticity, whilst being vigorously jostled around on the traditional D-Box seat  Alan drives as fast as he dares in the many full throttle high speed sections that showcase Grid 2's colossal sense of speed. If you wanted evidence of Codemasters' repeated 'total race day immersion' tagline, this is surely it.  

We'll have more extensive Grid 2 coverage coming soon, so keep a stay tuned to our YouTube channel and the Team VVV website for more updates.

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