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News Grid 2 cockpit camera restored with PC mods


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Game: Grid 2

Platform: PC, PS3, XB360

Publisher: Codemasters

Release Date: 27/05/2013

It's no secret that Codemasters' decision not to include a cockpit camera in Grid 2 prompted some serious backlash from the community. Watch any one of our Grid 2 videos and you're almost guaranteed to find a damning user comment about the controversial omission. 

Codemasters insist that it was removed in order to optimise the performance, and while I'm personally content using the bonnet cam it does contract their pledge for 'total raceday immersion.'

But now there's an unofficial solution: PC modders to the rescue! 

Thanks to the modding community of RaceDepartment, the cockpit view has been restored for the PC version of Grid 2 just days after its official release using a mod originally designed as a camera hack for the original Grid. 

It's by no means a perfect patch, however. The mod is still at an early stage of development and essentially moves the in-game camera view into the existing cockpits. As a result, the textures look rather shabby since they were never meant to be seen up-close, but it wouldn't surprise us if high resolution texture packs are being worked on as we speak. It also currently only works on a select number of cars, with more to be supported in later versions. 

Still, as a temporary solution it should appease players who sorely miss playing Grid with a cockpit camera and we await to see what else the modding community can cook up to enhance Grid 2 on PC.

Download the Grid 2 cockpit mod from RaceDepartment here.

Meanwhile, here's another similar mod we found for use with a handful of cars that also works with the TrackIR 5 head-tracking camera:


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