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Game: Grand Prix Rock’n Racing

Platform: PS4, Switch, Wii U, XBox One

Publisher: Enjoy Up Games

Release Date: 13/05/2016

Developer EnjoyUp Games have announced that their retro isometric racer Grand Prix Rock ‘N Racing will be heading to the Wii U.

The title, already released for the Xbox One, is expected to land on the eShop much like several of their other titles however no release date has yet been announced. You can watch our overview video of Grand Prix Rock ‘N Racing below.

Grand Prix Rock ‘N Racing gives players the chance to race in championships which consist of ten tracks, some of which are very loosely based off of their real-world counterparts. Your goal is to finish as high up the grid as possible to earn upgrade tokens which can be used to improve various aspects of your car’s performance.

Along the way you’ll be expected to weave through the traffic of slower cars (which is actually pretty tricky) and negotiate tight turns as you wrestle with the somewhat realistic handling model. Upgrading your car will make its handling evolve so you may need to switch up your driving technique depending on how powerful it is.

We are currently working on the Grand Prix Rock ‘N Racing review for the Xbox One which you can read on here very soon.

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