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News Grand Prix Rock ‘N Racing coming to the PS4


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Game: Grand Prix Rock’n Racing

Platform: PS4, Switch, Wii U, XBox One

Publisher: Enjoy Up Games

Release Date: 13/05/2016

Top-down retro-inspired racer Grand Prix Rock ‘N Racing, which has just released on the Nintendo Wii U following its original release on the Xbox One, has now been announced for the PlayStation 4 although no release date has yet been mentioned.

grand prix rock n racing wii u xbox one ps4 retroGrand Prix Rock ‘N Racing is the sequel to Off Road Rock ‘N Racing DX released last year on the Nintendo Wii U and Xbox One. Whereas Off Road Rock ‘N Racing DX fit the whole track onto one screen, Grand Prix Rock ‘N Racing does away with that in favour of a traditional scrolling camera viewpoint from above.

The racer comes with Championship, Time Trial and Multiplayer modes. The local multiplayer enables up to 4 racers to race it out in split screen and the Championship mode will see you racing in ten race seasons where you’ll upgrade various aspects of your car in order to be successful.

We reviewed Grand Prix Rock ‘N Racing recently and thought the title was fun although the fun really needed to be extracted from the title through patience and a fair amount of frustration along the way.

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