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News Gran Turismo Sport is not Gran Turismo 7, says Sony


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Game: Gran Turismo Sport

Platform: PS4

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: 17/10/2017

This week's announcement of Gran Turismo Sport at Paris Game Week certainly raised a lot of questions from longtime fans of the series. While most of the focus was on Polyphony's partnership with the FIA and how it could potentially revolutionise racing games, it was unclear exactly where Gran Turismo Sport fits into the series. Should we be regarding it as Gran Turismo 7? Apparently not, according to Sony.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Sony clarified that Gran Turismo Sport is not a direct follow up to Gran Turismo 6, but it will be more substansial than the Prologue appetisers Polyphony used to serve up before the main releases of Gran Turismo 4 and 5. 

"We're not announcing Gran Turismo 7 at this stage," Sony told Eurogamer.

"Fair to say [series director Kazunori Yamauchi] has been making these games for some considerable time now. I think it's reasonable to assume that something else might come down the road. Is it a Prologue? No, I think it'll be more than that."

"The old days, when the games were offline, the experience was defined by what's on the disc. You had a distinction between a Prologue and a full GT, it was very stark. When the game becomes more of an online connected experience, that distinction blurs. This will be much more than a Prologue type experience."

So there you have it. Gran Turismo 7 still hasn't been formally announced, but Gran Turismo Sport will hopefully prove to be a welcome distraction and pave the way for its release later next year. 

Additional details on Gran Turismo Sport have also emerged on fansite GTPlanet: along with the FIA online championship, Gran Turismo Sport will apparently have three game modes: Campaign, Sport and the traditional Arcade mode, but the focus will be primarily on online racing officially recognised by the FIA.

A beta for Gran Turismo Sport is planned for early next year, but given Polyphony's reputation for rarely delivering products on time, you could be forgiven for being skeptical. Eurogamer questioned their reliability, to which Sony's representative responded: "There's nothing at this stage to suggest that he won't deliver on what was said. He's obviously been working on this for a while now, it's been a while since GT6 released, so we're confident."

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