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News Gran Turismo 7 will have improved physics and AI,


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Game: Gran Turismo 6

Platform: PS3

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: 05/12/2013

Developers love to dazzle us with glitzy graphics when showcasing new games for the next-gen consoles. But that's not enough for us racing game fanatics. We want to see developers push the hardware's extra horsepower to improve the core driving experience. Thankfully, Gran Turismo's father figure has exactly that in mind – as well as the obligatory graphical upgrade, Kaz has affirmed that we can expect improved physics and AI for Gran Turismo 7 when it pulls up sometime this century on PS4. 

The news comes from a new interview with Italian gaming site Quattrroruote, as Kaz discusses the advantages the PS4's extra processing power will provide for Polyphony:

“I still cannot go into detail, but developing on PS3 was hard: you don’t have enough memory to do all you want. Our goal was to always preserve the feel of Gran Turismo but with the latest installment we had to face limitations. With PS4 we have a lot of memory available: we’ll be able to exploit it easily, inserting elements that we had to force or withheld on PS3.

There will be better graphics, better physics engine, smarter AI and more online options.” 

He also stated that Polyphony will "work to upgrade" the vehicle damage; another aspect in Gran Turismo that has left a lot to be desired over the years compared to the competition.

While the development of Gran Turismo 7 is at fully speed for Polyphony, that's not to say Gran Turismo 6 has been forgotten. Indeed, Kaz promises that Polyphony will continue to support GT6: “we’re planning to launch big updates for GT6 soon,” he said. Previously planned features for GT6 include Course Maker, B-Spec mode and online community features, so it's fair to assume these are in the pipeline. 

While Gran Turismo 6's physics and graphics were genuinely remarkable for a last-gen game, it was held-back by long-standing bugbears such as the outdated engine sounds and woefully robotic AI, as outlined in our review. Let's hope these issues will finally be a thing of the past, as the series has some serious catching up to do with the competition at this stage.  

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