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News Gran Turismo 6 ‘V1.03’ patch adds Toyota FT-1, BMW M4 interior and endurance race bug


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Game: Gran Turismo 6

Platform: PS3

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: 05/12/2013

UPDATE: The endurance race bug has now been fixed in a recently-released micro update. The issue regarding the end race standings still remains, but the game now classifies you in the actual position you finished the race in, and rewards you with the applicable Stars and Credits payout.

The latest update patch for Gran Turismo 6 has gone live, adding some expected and unexpected features to the PS3 exclusive racing game.

Headlining 'V1.03' is the latest automotive addition to GT6: the Toyota FT-1 Concept car (pictured, right)- which was recently unveiled at the North American International Auto Show – along with its very own Seasonal Event 'Hot Lap' challenge around the technical confines of the infamous Laguna Seca circuit. The FT-1 is awarded as a prize car for all players who are able to beat the 'Bronze' lap time benchmark.

GT6 V1,03 also adds the fully rendered cockpit view to the BMW M4 Coupe, a car that was also added to the game fairly recently, and also gets its very own 'Hot Lap' event around Willow Springs. As with the Toyota FT-1, the BMW M4 Coupe is gifted to all players once they beat the 'Bronze' lap time.

The update also rectifies the release date issue with the second part of the Red Bull X Challenge events – the placeholder now simply states "begins on January 2014", instead of the previously incorrect "begins on 1st January 2014", which ties in with developer Polyphony Digital's earlier announcement that the events will be added to the game in an upcoming update at the end of the month.

V1.03, however, has seemingly added a new bug that potentially thwarts players' attempts at completing Gran Turismo 6's career mode: the error, as discussed in the GTPlanet forums, doesn't always register the player being in 1st place upon finishing the game's time-limited endurance races.

Whilst there's been no confirmation as to when issue will be fixed, it's perhaps expected that Polyphony might be able rectify this glitch in the upcoming update that'll add the final two Red Bull X Challenge events in Gran Turismo 6

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